Camberwell Cafe – polished concrete flooring


This was a cafe in The Well shopping centre that was being turned into a cafe. The area was currently a blank concrete shell.




The Well, Bourke Street, Camberwell




Total gross area: 100 square meters.

Wet area: 25 square meters.

Customer area: 75 square meters.




Fill damaged areas of concrete floor with an epoxy grout.

Grind entire floor with 60# (coarse grind) to expose concrete aggregate.

I visited the construction site again and found a 32 amp 3 phase power outlet.


Wet area (25 square meters):


Coat with Roxset SE epoxy coating.

Charcoal colour as per architect’s request.

Non slip additive will be added. (Most likely glass beads).

2 coates.


Cafe main area (75 square meters):


Grind with 120# (fine grind) to enhance shine of exposed aggregate.

Apply 2-3 coats (depending on the porosity of the concrete) of Sika Curehard 24 Surface Hardener

Possibly apply a polyurethane high gloss sealer if customers require a higher gloss. This will also be dependant if a stencil is placed on the floor. The Polyurethane may react with the stencil ink. If so, I will use a water based epoxy coating.




Duration of works will be roughly 3-4 days.



Wet Area:


@ $45 per square meter.

25 x $45 = $1,125.00


Customer Area:


@ $60 per square meter.

75 x $60 = $4,500.00

Total (ex GST) $5,625.00

GST $562.50

Total (inc GST) $6,187.50




Payment due on completion of works.

No deposit required.


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