Cardinia Hill Hub – polyurethane floor coating

The Cardinia Hills Hub had a grant to build a “Mens Shed” and and this price was to apply a polyurethane clear coating to the concrete floor.

Project Name & Location

Cardinia Hills Hub in Emerald


Total area: 137m²

Room 1.16 (Men’s Shed) 110m²

Room 1.17 (Tea Station and Lounge) 3.5m²

Room 1.18 (Equipment Storeroom) 6.2m²

Room 1.19 (Welding Bay) 3.75m²

Room 1.20 (Secure Store Room) 5.25m²

Non numbered area. Doorway / Hallway 8.25m²

Scope of works

Lightly diamond grind concrete floor to create consistent adhesion of water based acrylic sealer.

Make surface dry, free from oil, grease, paint, curing compounds and other contaminants.

Apply 3 coats of BASF MasterTop 333.

Mechanically buff floor if needed to smooth surface of air bubbles.


Duration of works will be roughly 2-3 days, depending on amount of grinding required before applying epoxy and number of contractors working on the site.


$75 x 137²m = $10,275 + GST.

GST = $102.75

Total Payable (inc gst) $10,377.75


25% due prior to works commencing.

75% due on completion of works.

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