Polished concrete floor in a hairdressing salon

Dandenong Hairdressing Salon – floor refurbishment

Price Estimation

Work site Description

Vacant telecommunications shop in Dandenong. Being refurbished into a hair dressing salon.


Dandenong Plaza, Melbourne.


Today (02/10/2017) I looked through the window of the shop. Your business partner did not have a key so I could not have a thorough look at the floor condition.

On Friday I will need to have a look inside the shop to give an exact price for the works.

Current floor condition

Wooden flooring on concrete slab and carpet on the remaining concrete slab.

There is a high probability that there will be leveling compound under the carpet and wooden flooring which will need to be removed by grinding and or jack hammering.


Total gross area: 83 square meters.

I have not measured the floor area. You have told me it is 83 square meters.

I will price the whole job on 80 square meters.


Remove wooden flooring on concrete floor.

Remove carpet from concrete surface.

Dispose of carpet and wooden flooring at industrial waste centre.

Grind off carpet and wooden flooring adhesive.

Grind and or jackhammer off leveling compound.

Grind concrete surface to be aesthetically attractive and to prepare for coating.

Apply polyurethane coating for a satin or gloss finish. Alternatively I will use a water based sealer for a lower sheen finish.


Duration of works will be 2-3 days.

Some sealer and coating procedures will be done after hours. We will require a key for the entire 2-3 days.


From looking at the floor today through the window. A reasonable price would be $40 per square meter.

I assume you have a small budget as you are setting up a hairdressing salon in a small shop in Dandenong.

On this assumption I will try to minimise the price as much as possible.

$2,500 Works excluding GST

$250 GST

$2,750 Works including GST


Full payment needs to be pre-paid prior to works commencing.

I need pre-payment due to the short notice and low price I am willing to do this work for.

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