South Melbourne Live Saving Club – toilet floor coating

South Melbourne Live Saving Club had a grant to do a major refurbishment. The price was to apply an epoxy floor coating to the public toilets and change rooms. 

Project Location

South Melbourne Life Saving Club


Prepare and apply epoxy coating to male, female and disabled public toilet floors.

Total area to be quoted as 55² meters.

Please advise if area is considerably different.

Scope of works

Lightly grind concrete floor with a coarse grit to make even and create consistent adhesion for the epoxy coating.

Grind floor again with a finer grit to make floor more smooth and light when epoxy coating is applied.

Apply 2 coats of water based epoxy coating.

Dulux Luxafloor Eco2.


Duration of works will be roughly 1-3 days, depending on amount of grinding required before applying epoxy and number of contractors working on the site.


$67.50 x 55²m = $3,712.50 + GST.

GST = $371.25

Total Payable (inc gst) $4,083.75


Payment due on completion of works.

No deposit required.

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