Westmeadows Logistics Warehouse – concrete floor repair and coating

This is a floor of a factory that had a new tenant. The previous tenant had heavy machinery that had damaged the floor. The new tenancy wanted a clear coating with a polished concrete appearance.


Factory 5, 1 International Drive, Westmeadows Victoria.

Current floor condition

Aged epoxy coating on dense concrete.


Total gross area: 18m x 32m = 576 square meters

(2m x 2.5m) Toilet

(4.5m x 6.5m) Power room

Total net area: 541 square meters


Remove epoxy floor coating.

Apply primer and clear coatings.

Mechanically buff floor.

Coating will be suitable to withstand oils and chemicals commonly exposed in logistics environments.

Floor will be suitable for forklift and truck use.


Grind floor to remove all epoxy coating.

Use laser level to intermittently grind uneven areas on roughly 15% of the surface area.

Fill damaged areas with solid epoxy filler.

Seal floor with primer.

Coat floor with 2 coats of non water based coating.

Mechanically buff floor.


Duration of works will be 4-5 days.

Some sealer and coating procedures will be done after hours. We will require a key for the entire 4-5 days.


$18,935.00 Works excluding GST

$1,893.50 GST

$20,828.50 Works including GST


Payment due 30 calendar days within completion of works.

No deposit required.

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