14 years ago while working with Able Industrial Flooring, I learn’t about the process and products to suit the requirements of customers requirements.

Concrete grinding is hard and messy work. The machines are extremely heavy duty and therefore very heavy. Concrete dust is very fine and becomes airborne very easily and stays airborne due to static electricity. Equipment used to grind and extract the dust is paramount to providing a professional finish as well as maintaining good staff.

Next I worked with Pro Grind Australia, a company that predominantly does polished concrete floors. I learn’t about the differences in concrete densities and the wide range of polished concrete options and benefits to customers.

When setting up my business I wanted to focus on equipment, rather than having highly skilled staff. The main reason for this, it that when unsuitable equipment is used accidents can occur and inconsistent finishes on a floor occur. Pro Grind seemed to focus on building highly skilled staff with training. However staff turnover meant that they were also having to re-train new staff continuously. The staff turnover was high due to staff being frustrated with inconsistent equipment.

We have designed a philosophy to build Concrete Surface Coatings. We built the company on a focus of automating our equipment and investing in the best machines possible.

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