Cheltenham Showroom Factory

This project was an old factory in Cheltenham Victoria. The owners of the factory had the walls painted, a new office installed and a new ceiling.

We quoted to remove vinyl tiles that were on the floor from a previous textile business that operated in the factory for many years. We removed about 3.5 tonnes of vinyl tiles from the floor and then needed to grind the tile adhesive off the floor.

Due to the age of the floor we had a lot of holes to fill in the floor to create a smooth surface to coat with epoxy resin.

Below are the photos of the finished floor once we applied the epoxy reson to the prepared factory floor.


To be able to apply the epoxy resin to the floor and create a flat surface we need to apply a primer coat so we to seal the concrete. Otherwise air bubbles can come through the concrete and create small bumps on the surface.

First we needed to remove the vinyl tiles from the floor. We used a floor scrapper to remove the tiles. We removed about 3.5 tonne of vinyl tiles from the floor. Then we needed to grind off the tile adhesive.

This floor was particularly difficult to work on due to the tight spaces.