Concrete floor grinders have come a long way over the last 20 years. Cheaper electric motors and cheaper diamond grinding segments have made the machines cheaper to manufacture and operate.

We use LeBurg Diamond Tools to supply us with abrasive tools for grinding concrete.

Here is a list of the manufactures that Concrete Surface Coatings use to grind and polish concrete.

Husqvarna Concrete Grinders

Husqvarna concrete grinding logoHusqvarna is a Swedish construction tool company that purchased an Australian company called King Concepts that manufactured concrete grinding machines called the Pro Grind series.

These machines were unique in that they have 2 independent motors. 1 electric motor that turns 3 satellite disks and 1 electric motor that turns the planetary disk. This can be beneficial in varying the speed of the disks when removing adhesive compared to polishing concrete. Visit their website


HTC Floor Systems

htc concrete floor grinder logoHTC is a Swedish company that was one of the first companies to make a planetary concrete floor grinder. Their grinders are the most aesthetically pleasing. They use a belt that drives 4 satellite grinding disks in which 2 spin counter clock wise and the other 2 spin clock wise. All 4 disks are attached to 1 main planetary disk. Visit their website