What are the different applications of industrial floor coatings?

Concrete Surface Coatings is a Melbourne based business. We are experienced in applying industrial floor coatings for a wide range of industrial environments.

We coat floors for Warehouses, Factories, Loading Docks, Workshops and Chemical Storage Plants in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Different types of industrial premises require different types of flooring specifications. Non-slip floor coatings can be essential for safety. The chemical expose in a factory can effect the flooring. Chemical resistant coatings will also be essential for the longevity of a floor coating.

Warehouses have now become accustomed to polished concrete floors, similar to the floor surfaces in Bunnings Warehouse stores. Chemical resistance is low however these floors are easy to clean and durable to foot traffic.

To help you make the best decision, we can inspect your premises to give you a variety of options so you can select the most suitable coating or treatment for your floors exposure and usage.

Price Estimate:

    • A concrete floor in relatively good condition will cost about $35 per square meter for an epoxy or polyurethane coating. This would be suitable for most factories and warehouses.
    • Chemical resistant flooring in factories with storage of chemicals. Prices can range from $40 to $70 per square meter. This will depend on the chemical exposure and condition of the existing concrete floor surface.
    • Polished concrete floors for warehouses will range from about $40 per square meter to $70 per square meter depending on the existing condition of the concrete floor and the luster required on the surface. Polished concrete flooring can have a higher upfront cost compared to other floor coatings however the longevity of the floor will generally be longer.

Concrete Surface Coatings have experienced staff to grind and prepare your floor to maximise the adhesion of the coating. Preparation of the floor with concrete floor grinders is essential in the appication of a good industrial floor surface.

Please give us a call on 03 8375 8372 for more information on the most suitable floor coating for your premises.

To learn more about the differences between epoxy floor coatings and polyurethane floor coatings, please watch this video.

The owner of Concrete Surface Coatings previously worked with Able Industrial Floors and ProGrind Australia which are two of the leaders in the industrial floor coating industry in Australia.