Concrete Surface Coatings invest a lot of time in testing concrete floor coatings and sealers before using them on a job site. We like to compare the durability, pot-life, and workability of the chemical. We want to make sure that the concrete floor coating we give you is exactly what you want.


Our Coating Suppliers 1Allnex is a consortium of chemical manufacturers that supply many different industries. We use AllNex products for epoxy floor coatings due to their low cost and ease of use. For workshop floors, we will commonly use AllNex SureCoat 200 which is a 100% solids based epoxy resin. Visit Website


Hychem epoxy flooring logo

HyChem supplies us with coatings and sealers for industrial and commercial floor coatings and sealers. Visit website

Clear water-based epoxy sealers

These sealers are used to protect the concrete and leave a matte or satin finish for easy cleaning. These sealers are commonly used in warehouses, shopping areas, as a protective coating over polished concrete.

Heavy-Duty Epoxy Coatings

These coatings are high gloss and are commonly colored. You can find these epoxy coatings in factories, car parks, transport depots and industrial environments with chemical exposure.

High Build Epoxy Toppings

These thick toppings are used in areas of high chemical exposure or strict hygienic requirements. Common facilities with these types of coatings are: Hospitals, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Food manufacturing plants, and commercial kitchens.


Sika epoxy floor coating logo

In large scale construction projects, architects can designate specific products to use. Sika has a high level of credibility and innovation promotion alongside their products.  If a project requires Sika products then we will adhere to the job requirements. Visit website

DC Bin Hire

When grinding concrete floors. We use DC Bin Hire to supply rubbish skips to dispose of the concrete dust.