Concrete Surface Coatings provide a wide range of concrete floor finishes for commercial, industrial and retail floor spaces. This includes epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane floor coatings and concrete sealing.

Warehouse and Factory Floor Coatings

Warehouse and factory floors need to be protected with either a sealer or a floor coating. The aesthetic benefit to your factory or warehouse is that the floor will be easier to clean and your work area will appear lighter as the coating will reflect light. The safety benefits of a floor coating is that the floor can be non-slip and chemical resistant. Learn more about factory and warehouse floor coatings and sealing.

Automotive Floor Coatings

Automotive workshops, panel beating workshops require epoxy floor coatings to make their workshop safer, lighter and increase the professional image of their business. Learn more about epoxy floor coatings for your workshop.

Food Processing Floor Coatings

Commercial kitchen floors need to be kept hygienic and durable. Commercial kitchens usually require a polyurethane non-slip floor coating as it is hygienic and safe when wet. Commercial kitchens require coving around the perimeter of the floor and a non slip finish. Learn more about commercial kitchen flooring.

Speciality Industrial Floor Coatings

In industrial processing plants. Chemical resistant or chemical proof coatings are essential. Depending on the types of chemical exposure there are different types of coatings that are suitable. Our industrial coatings have been applied in petrol refineries, chemical bunding, food processing plants and chemical storage plants. Learn more about our chemical resistant industrial coatings.

School Toilet Flooring

We apply epoxy flake floor coatings to school toilets. We predominantly do public school toilets as they have a uniform standard. Our toilet floor coatings are made to be non-slip, easy to clean and antibacterial. Learn more about epoxy vinyl flake flooring.