Concrete floor sealer in Melbourne Brewery

Price: $4,500 (ex gst)

Area: 110 m2

Concrete floor sealer in Melbourne Brewery 1Concrete floor sealer in Melbourne Brewery 2

Concrete floor sealer on an old concrete floor in a Melbourne brewery.

2 Birds Brewery in Spotswood Melbourne have a beer tasting area for customers to sit and relax while enjoying their beer stragiht from the vats. The building has a very old floor dating back to 1875. For this reason the concrete floor is extremely dense.

The customer wanted a dark coloured floor that was durable and long lasting. The sealer is a cheaper option compared to a polished concrete floor or a decorative epoxy floor coating. The customer decided to choose the sealer as it is durable and gives a low sheen finish.

The first step was the concrete grinding to remove the previous sealer that was on the floor surface. Once we had ground the concrete to create a consistent surface for the new sealer. We filled the cracks in the floor with a caulking gun. 

We applied the concrete floor sealer with rollers to provide a very thin film of concrete floor sealer over the floor area.

We applied 3 coats of AVISTA Extended wear. (Click here for the technical data sheet of the concrete floor sealer: Avista Extended Wear). This sealer is acrylic based and can either be used clear or with an oxide for colour.

If you would like a floor like this. Please contact us so we can visit your business and provide a quote.