Epoxy floor coating in a Notting Hill automotive workshop

Price: $5,500 (ex gst)

Area: 134 m2

This project was to apply an epoxy floor coating to an automotive parts factory warehouse in Notting Hill. The customer wanted a non slip epoxy resin floor coating to also be decorative. We creative thise floor with the flake colours matching his logo colours and the light grey epoxy resin is a popular choice for warehouse factories as it is light and easy to clean. You will be surprised how much lighter a factory can appear with a light coloured floor.

Before we applied the epoxy floor coating we ground the floor with a concrete floor grinder. This created a consistent adhesion of the epoxy resin to penetrate the concrete floor. Concrete grinding prior to applying the epoxy resin is essential as it also removes any bumps in the floor so the coating looks smoother.

Before we ground the floor. We used a caulking gun to inject a SIKA polyurthane caulk into the joints along the floor. This gives a smooth uniform finish to the floor.