Keysborough Manufacturing Plant – Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Coating

Price: $4,500 (ex GST)

Area: 130m2

Keysborough Manufacturing Plant - Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Coating 1Keysborough Manufacturing Plant - Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Coating 2

This factory floor was in an automotive manufacturing plant in Keysborough Melbourne. The floor was damaged and worn out. There were large powder coating ovens that trolleys needed to be pushed in and out of. Due to the concrete being worn out the trolleys needed a smooth surface to roll on.

There were 2 parts of this project. The first part was to grind and coat the floor area outside the ovens. And the second part was to make a smooth even surface between 2 concrete slabs so large trolleys was move through the factory without the trolley shaking.

Epoxy floor coating

First we grinded the floor area to create a smooth consistent surface for the epoxy coating to stick to. Some areas were quite bumpy and required prolonged grinding was required.

Applying the epoxy coating to the floor area

Once the surface was grinded smooth. We applied an epoxy grout over the floor area with a trowel. Once it was dry we applied another epoxy coating with large rollers.

Leveling between 2 concrete slabs

We grinded the joint between both concrete slabs and filled the crack with a polyurethane grout. The polyureathane grout is more flexible than an epoxy grout so when the concrete slabs expand and contract due to temperature the grout will not crack.

Protective epoxy coating over the concrete slab joint

We applied a thick epoxy coating over the joint with a non-slip addittive to prevent falls.