Oakleigh Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating

Price: $7,800 (ex GST)

Area: 250m2

Oakleigh Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating 1Oakleigh Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating 2

This warehouse factory was in Oakleigh Melbourne. The business was using this facility for research and development of a bio fuel product.

The concrete was a new slab. First we ground the concrete to make the concrete smooth and create a consistent adhesion of the epoxy resin.

We used caulking guns to inject caulking into the cracks in the concrete and along the walls. This will stop dust and dirk from falling into the crack.

After the first coat of epoxy resin we apply a light sprinkle of vinyl flakes into the wet while it was curing. This gives the floor a non slip benifit and creates a texture to the floor.