Pakenham Factory Warehouse – Acrylic Concrete Sealer

Price: $22,000 (ex GST)

Area: 2,500m2

warehouse with acrylic sealerconcrete floor being prepared for concrete sealer

These were 6 new vacant warehouse factories. The owner wanted us to clean and seal the floor with an acrylic sealer. We cleaned the floor with a auto scrubbing machine and hydrochloric acid. After the floor was clean and dry we applied an AVISTA Acrylic concrete sealer to the entire floor area. The floor required 1 primer coat and 2 top coats to penetrate the concrete and give a strong matte sheen finish.


We applied a clear acrylic sealer to 6 warehouses in Partaken. These warehouses were new and needed to be cleaned with acid and then acrylic sealer applied.


When sealers are applied to new concrete floors. The floor is not ground, instead the floor is scrubbed and cleaner with acid. The keeps the price low enough to justify a large warehouse area. The floor will not maintain a high gloss finish like a polished concrete floor however the price is a lot lower. For example: The price of these 6 factories was about $12.50 per square meter. Compared with polished concrete which will be about $50 per square meter.