Sunshine Commercial Kitchen – Polyurethane Vinyl Flake Flooring

Price: $20,000 (ex GST)

Area: 300 m2

Oh Yeah Group in Sunshine make cakes for cafes around Melbourne. Their commercial kitchen operates 24 hours a day. We were required to work around their schedule by working after hours.

We removed the tile floor. In a commercial kitchen the tiles broke easily when utensils and equipment was dropped on the floor. Once a tile is broken, moisture gets under the tile and ruins the tiles adjoining that broken tile.

We removed 300 square meters of tiles which took up 2, 12 cubic meter rubbish skips.

After removing the tiles we then ground the floor to create a consistent adhesion of the new floor coating.

A deep blue epoxy resin coating with vinyl chips was added to the floor for non-slip requirements. Once dried we apply a clear polyurethane coating to assist in cleaning. non-slip and antibacterial environments.