Truganina warehouse floor sealing

Price: $8,500 (ex gst)

Area: 650 m2

This project was to apply a clear sealer to a new warehouse in Truganina Victoria.

We started with a new warehouse floor that had tire marks from the cranes that erected the roof of the warehouse.


We applied the sealer with a 600mm roller to evenly spread the sealer.

We applied 3 coats of the sealer. We apply a primer coat with about 60% thinners to give a high penetration coat that soaks into the concrete. This prevents any peeling in the future. We then applied 2 coats of the sealer.

We cleaned the surface with an acid wash and then used thinners to remove the tire marks from the warehouse floor.

We cleaned the floor with a mecahncial orbitable walk behind scrubber before applying the sealer.