Facilities that handle food like commercial kitchens, bakeries restaurants food packing, food storage, and abattoirs require a floor coating that is hygenic, non-slip, and coving along the perimeter of the floor.

Food processing areas such as kitchens are governed by the federal government and administered by local councils when applying for a permit. This handbook is helpful to understand the requirements of a food-safe kitchen.

Commercial Kitchens

vinyl flake epoxy floorCommercial kitchens required a seamless floor coating with coving usually 70mm up the wall. The joint between the floor and wall needs to be seamless to prevent the buildup of contaminants. Our team can apply a non-slip antibacterial floor coating to your commercial kitchen.

Food Processing Floor Coatings

non slip epoxy floor coating in a food storage facilityAs per Australian Standards, food processing hygiene is essential to any company with a going concern. When we apply an epoxy floor coating in a food processing plant. We apply the coating to the floor and walls to maximize its lifetime to save you ongoing maintenance costs.

Food Storage Warehouse Floor Coatings

heavy duty epoxy floor coating in a food storage warehouseStoring food to maximize shelf life and ease of logistics requires a floor coating that can withstand forklift traffic and low maintenance. To resurface a floor in a food processing warehouse requires all food stock to be removed. To minimize resurfacing, we use the best equipment and machinery to maximize the lifetime of the floor.